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Nov 10th....As my album "Tendrils of Pretty" is almost sold out, Mythical records is releasing the collaboration
I did with Hannah Fury "Trapeze" from that album on their new compilation "Odyssey of Rapture" vol. 1.
The comp has lots of great tracks from artists working in the neo-classical and steampunk music genres, and
also inlcudes two new and unreleased tracks from my two side projects, Abandone Toys and
Ephemeral Mists.

October 7th.....I have just completed the Steampunk looking web design for label mate, Samantha Bouquin.

Sept. 22nd......My new, unreleased track, "Blood Divine" will be making an appearance on BLC
Productions' new compilation, Interbreeding X : Cagefighters.

Sept. 10th....I have completed a remix of Diverje's track "wrapped around" that will be getting released on
DSBP records on Diverje's album "Unleashed".

June 6th......My composition "Regeneration of the damned" off my album "Tendrils of pretty" is
currently being licensed for use in episode 9 of BoardRiders TV.  It is a skating/surfing show that
airs in South Africa and surrounding regions.  The premiere is airing on June 9th at 18:00.  If you
are in SA, check your local listings for the correct channel.

May 1st.....Due to a problem at the press, the shipping date for Behind the gates of horn and ivory has been
pushed back to May 9th.  In other news, I have a remix coming out for System Syn on Metropolis
records.  The remix is for their track "like every insect" and will be on that song's single.

April 9th.....I am now finished with my newest album "Behind the gates of horn and ivory".  It is being
sent to the press next week and will be shipping out on April 28th.  I am currently accepting
pre-orders for the cd on my store page, if you would like to be one of the first to own it.

March 27th.....My track "Artificial intelligence" is being used on the Cryonica Tanz V.5 comp put out by
Cryonica records (this comp is a staple in the goth-industrial scene).  Other artists on the comp include
Dawn of Ashes, Ayria, XP8, Implant, C-Drone defect, Helalyn Flowers, etc. 

March 22.....After much work on side projects over the last 2 years, I am in the process of finalizing my next
TSDF  album, entitled "Behind the gates of horn and ivory".  I think it is a natural progression from my last
album and is my strongest material to date.  Its based around asteampunk music aesthetic I am very excited
about this release. I'm quite sure my long
time fans will love it.  It should be finished within the next month and released on Mythical records.

march 1st......A previously unreleased track of mine "Artificial intelligence" is being included in the
compilation being put out by the "Dark horizons" radio show. This is a local FM radio station
in Florida that plays goth/industrial music on 88.5.  The comp is being used as part of their
fundraising and is given to people who make financial contributions during the fundraiser, so
make a donation!  Other bands on the comp include Sebastian Kommor, The machine in the garden, etc.

Feb 1st.......I have been booked for Convergence 14 in ybor city in August.  Check my Events page for more

January 10th......I have completely redone the webdesign for this site, giving it a much more mechanical looking style. 
I am rather happy with this new design and should be leaving it for a while.


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